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Range Rover SVR Blue 2020

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Арендуйте Range Rover SVR Blue 2020 в Дубае, ОАЭ, в компании Lux Motors.

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  • img 5.1 сек
  • img 575 HP
  • img 5
  • ABS
  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • FM-радио
  • USB
  • Адаптивный круиз-контроль
  • Багаж | 4
  • Блютус
  • Встроенный ГПС
  • Гидравлический подъемник
  • Датчики парковки
  • Дверные замки с электроприводом
  • Двигатель | V8
  • Дневные ходовые огни
  • ЖК-экраны
  • Задний кондиционер
  • Задняя дверь с электроприводом
  • Зеркала с электроприводом
  • Камера объемного звучания 3D
  • Кнопка зажигания
  • Кожаные сиденья
  • Контроль климата
  • Круиз-контроль
  • Литые диски
  • Люк в крыше
  • Массажные сиденья
  • Напоминание о ремне безопасности
  • Обратная камера
  • Передние и задние подушки безопасности
  • Передние сиденья с памятью
  • Пневматическая подвеска
  • Подрулевой переключатель (триптроник)
  • Подушки безопасности SRS
  • Помощь при парковке
  • Предупреждение о слепых точках
  • Премиум Аудио
  • Противотуманные фары
  • Рулевой ассист
  • Сенсорный ЖК-экран
  • Сиденья с регулируемой температурой
  • Сиденья с электроприводом
  • Складной подлокотник
  • Съемная крыша
  • Тонированные окна
  • Управление жестами
  • Фронтальные подушки безопасности
  • Цвет | Синий
  • Цифровой HUD
  • Чиллер / Морозильник
  • Шестерня | Авто
  • Электрические стеклоподъемники

With the assistance of its 575PS V8 engine, Range Rover Sport SVR delivers raw and visceral power. It offers a thrilling performance.


Lightweight wheels boost the vehicle’s performance. Whereas the suspension, damping, and steering systems provide precise control and a wonderful driving experience.

Active system of Range Rover Sport SVR

The active system features a two-stage Active Exhaust. The Active System controls the valves electronically, which delivers a distinctively throaty sound.

SVR Performance Seats

Secondly, the new lightweight SVR Performance seats provide high-quality support with maximum control. Besides being heated as standard, they offer cooling as an option. With the design of the SVR logo on the headrest, these sleeker seats come in four color combinations. Besides that, they also come with a Cut Diamond perforation pattern.

Exterior Design of Range Rover Sport SVR

In the first place, the SVR exterior is prominent with an optional unique bonnet design. The design is in carbon fiber composite which may be on the vehicle’s body color or within the striking, exposed Gloss Black Carbon Fibre. A mesh grille with SVR badging, and side fender vents in Narvik Black add value to the SVR’s muscular stance. Pixel LED headlights and distinct signature Daytime Running Lights complete the design.

Range Rover Sport SVR’s Thrilling Factor

Building on Range Rover Sport’s existing pure qualities, this car creates a performance SUV that’s even more thrilling.

This is immediately apparent within the design as the vehicle’s muscular and broad-shouldered stance shows these features. This plays a role in its performance and handling. Exclusive larger air intakes that are present in the front bumper promote even greater airflow to the 2 charge air coolers. In addition to that, the rear spoiler increases downforce at high speeds.

Confident and Composed

The Industry has engineered it using Land Rover’s all-aluminum monocoque body shell technology. It has built Range Rover Sport SVR on a robust, stiff structure. Therefore, the vehicle’s lightweight architecture results in greater performance.

The Appearance of a Special Sound

All the features of this car have reached new heights. The active exhaust controls two-stage electronic valves. This delivers a throaty sound that includes pulsing that is purposefully controlled at lighter throttle openings. Secondly, this also allows a greater flow through all four exhaust pipes. This is because the valves open with increasing engine speed. Range Rover Sport SVR equally sounds good as it drives.

Performance of Pulse Racing

This car ranges from 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds. It is having the highest speed of 176mph* (283 kph). Its 5.0-liter V8 Petrol engine is supercharged. Moreover, this delivers up to 575PS and 700Nm.

The remodelling of the engine and its management system has contributed to the increase in performance. The car also consists of an intense eight-speed transmission with sharper and faster gearshifts. This forms a more immediate connection to the vehicle.

This car will be personalized with a choice of bespoke services and options.


You can rent the best quality Range Rover Sport SVR from Lux Motors. As the most renowned Car Rental Agency in Dubai, UAE, we provide you the cars of very high quality.

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